01 October 2009

dear cupcakes. i love you.

today, was a good day....until dinner time when warren decides to have a nightly meltdown...we survived...and had cupcakes for dessert---which made things all better. sad how food can do that for ya...especially food that is so evil and delicious. oh well. my excuse is that i am still nursing...and i now weigh what i weighed in high school. my butt could use the cupcakes!

anyhow, some days are so so hard when the meltdown occurs. i try to breath. deep.
it really is hard to have patience when you have to every hour of every day....patience is learned. it must be decided upon. but in some of those trying moments, i know i forget to decide to be patient. and then i feel guilty for losing my patience. for feeling exasperated. other mothers seem all calm, cool and collected all the time...and i know its just not the truth! we are human!

i wonder if i walk around looking as ragged as i feel some days....? oh well. its part of the deal!

on the up side, i dont want to complain anymore! so, i will tell you once again that my cupcakes rock my world...and warren and i had a lovely day hanging out at the coffee shop. we also went to the silverton indoor play park, for the first time, which was awesome for him! he had a ton of fun! and we had a visit with uncle aaron and nicole...they came for dinner, which was nice! all in all, it was a pretty chill day.

i am enjoying the change in the weather. especially today. it was cool...but warm still. that nice autumn sunny day feelin! i like it. i am sure in a month i will be sad that summer has gone...but for now i will enjoy this!

alrighty. i have got other stuff to do.

thank you cupcakes. i love you. <3


kittykill said...

Angie-you are an amazing beautiful woman. I love ya-now give me a cupcake so no one gets hurt!

Angie said...

aye aya miss captain!!!